Whether loved or hated, everyone has a story about their first car



The Tank, was what we called it. A loyal, heavy paneled, cobalt blue machine that guzzled petrol, roared like a bus, and could come out of a rear-end collision without a scratch. It was my pride and joy, my source of happiness.

All first cars are special, they symbolise adventure, knowledge, a coming of age…

Within the rusty panels of my first car, I was a different person. Explorer and conqueror, maker of my own destiny! Just an 18 year old girl, travelling long stretches of highway, alone with my thoughts.

This grumbling 20+ year old Toyota Celica was the only place I felt free. When I needed to escape, she took me away… every other day that is, when I wasn’t jump starting her or finding another leak…

From roadtrips to see my best friend in Tweed Heads, to hilariously disastrous camping trips out in the bush where my car broke down on a deserted mountain in the pouring rain, to normal days just cruising around town with my friends or commuting to work, my car was the best thing I owned.

Eventually I had to say goodbye to my trusty tank, upgrading her for a deep green Nissan Pulsar – which I got just before my 20th birthday. But I was hesitant. I mean, power steering, a working radio (not to mention a CD player!) and four doors? What was so good about that? It wasn’t even rear-wheel drive – how would I do burnouts!?

I jumped in the driver seat and decided to give my new pet a whirl, turning the steering wheel so hard I almost ran off the road! Power steering, who knew it was so…sensitive?!

Despite my begrudging, the Pulsar grew on me quickly, and within a week I’d replaced my 2 door, ancient Celica with a new, shiny toy. But I could never forget the adventures that came with my first car, and nor would I want to.

What was your first car? Share your stories below!

Over the next month or so I’ll be bringing you more stories like this one, as part of a series called ‘From the vault’: memories of childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Check back for more of the hilarious, the awkward and the reflective moments from my life.


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