The best ‘LIKE A VERSION’ of 2015 – What made my list?


Friday’s aren’t just for TGIF meme’s and social plans – they’re also awesome because they give us fresh music from Triple J! Below, I share 3 of my favourite ‘Like a Version‘ performances from the last few months.

Urthboy and Bertie Blackman: Long Loud Hours

Urthboy: “This story…it’s so burko that I just wanted to find a way of bringing something out of it. This lady called Lucy Dudko fell in love with a career criminal – he’d been in jail 7 times or so throughout his life for armed hold ups – and she was a librarian. Through a few interesting turns of events she ended up hijacking a helicopter at gunpoint, flying it into maximum security prison at Silverwater (Parramatta)… [she] landed the chopper into the grounds, he jumped in, guards shot at the chopper, they flew away, and they were on the run for almost 6 weeks!” 

Tuka feat. Thelma Plum: Big Jet Plane (cover of Angus & Julia Stone original)

Tuka’s smooth storytelling combined with the beautiful tone of Thelma’s voice, paints an incredibly vivid depiction of the Australian landscape and all its wonder. This is one of those songs that will make your skin prickle and tingle.  

Ngaiirre: Once 

I don’t know what I love more – Ngaiire’s soulful,  smooth-as-fine-wine vocals, or that back up vocalist in the gold space jacket hoodie! 

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