2014 in review – big thanks to all my readers!

Hi all,

This is just a quick post to say thank you to every person who has read, shared and enjoyed my blogs this year! It’s amazing to think of how many people have stumbled across this little page, and I’m proud to say that it has doubled in views this year! Even RedFoo read my blog! haha (more on that later).This year more than 12,000 people have come to Thoughts From Jas, and it has been viewed in more than 139 countries. Interestingly, over 200 viewers were from India, and my readers included an array of countries such as Iraq, Yemen, Ethiopia, France, Thailand, America, Canada, Brazil, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia and many more.


I’ve enjoyed writing about some very meaty topics this year, including those that are often hard to digest but desperately in need of attention – such as sex trafficking and child sexual abuse. Survivor, author and activist Carrie Bailee’s story is one that has touched thousands around the world, as she shines a light on the darkness in her own life, and the lives of millions worldwide who suffered child abuse. She is just one amazing individual who I have come across in the last year, and I was only too happy to share her amazing work through my blog. For more information on Carrie’s story, and the importance of addressing child sexual abuse, you can read my blog here.

Images courtesy of Carrie Bailee
Images courtesy of Carrie Bailee

It’s also been a massive year for activism! I both started and finished the year with interviews by News.com.au , and my blogs regarding Snoop Dog/Major Lazor, and RedFoo skyrocketed higher than I ever imagined. In particular, our petition to have RedFoo held accountable for his degrading and hate filled attitudes toward women, went viral with over 23,000 signatures! Myself and Collective Shout received media coverage around the world, and my petition was even given a shout out on Chasers Media Circus!


While Channel 7 remain silent, a gigantic swell of disgust has risen against RedFoo and his misogyny, and  I have a feeling he won’t be back on Channel 7 X Factor next season! And if he tries, believe me, there will be thousands of people ready to protest!

You can read more of my RedFoo blogs here and here.

I want this blog to be a place where people can feel inspired, united and empowered, however activism is very draining at times, which means I also need to also take time out to spend with loved ones and look after myself. I WILL be back next year though, and I look forward to inspiring more people to stand against the objectification of women, and violence in society.

Have a fantastic new year guys – see you all then!


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