Recently I have had the pleasure of getting to know an amazing woman by the name of Geneviève, who volunteers her time to women and men in the sex industry, who require assistance with building a new life. As the founder of ‘Pink Cross Foundation Australia’, Genevieve aims to have an active presence in the Victorian sex-industry, visiting brothels with gift packs and support for women who need it most.

In late April (from the 26th – 28th) Pink Cross Foundation Australia will be involved in the Shine convention, which they hope will allow them to make more connections within the community and raise awareness of the sex-industry’s harmful role in society. To continue helping sex-industry workers they need our help to gather goods donations, and to build a community following.  In Part 2 of our interview, Genevieve discusses more about the upcoming event.


Pink Cross Australia is going to be involved with the ‘Shine convention’ in April. What will be the main focus of the event?

Genevieve : The Shine Convention is organised by a group called Christian City Churches in Victoria and Tasmania (CCCVaT). The conference is aimed at promoting the positive virtues of the Christian faith backed by real stories of lives that have been transformed through faith; and of those that have made a difference through their trust in God.

The Shine Convention is designed to:

  • encourage – all that they can make a difference.
  • inspire – with real stories of those that are making a difference.
  • connect – people with organisations seeking volunteers.

I will be speaking about my story and running a workshop for attendees to ask any question they want about the industry, in order to lift the ignorance about what it really means to be a sex worker. I hope to cultivate knowledge, instigate respect, and educate Australians as to what we as a country can really do to free people from this modern form of human slavery.

You have mentioned online that you need goods donations in order to create gift packs for the convention. What items do you need, and how can the community get involved?

Genevieve : This may come as a surprise to you but many people who attend Christian events and conferences are often survivors of sexual abuse and slavery. When they hear about my story they often feel comfortable enough to share their experiences with me. There are young women but also older ones – those who never had anyone to speak to in the past. Some other people are in touch with sex workers and they sometimes ask me for donation packs to pass on.

At the moment I need beauty supplies, small New Testaments, Christian books and literature, etc. Supplies can be lip balm, hair extensions, hair clips, jewellery such as earrings and bracelets, make-up such as eye shadows, mascara or foundation, chocolates, soaps, handmade hats or scarves, anything that can fit in an A4 bag! Anything pink is also great!


Authors note: PLEASE get involved in any way you can. Share their page, donate goods or ask your workplace to get involved. This is a woman who is doing so much good in our country, and she needs our help! We can make a difference, but we need to do it together. to learn more about the convention please head to:

Additional information on the Pink Cross Foundation Australia can be found below:







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