Every 26 seconds a child is sold or lured into the sex trade.

Every 26seconds a child’s life is shattered.

Every 26seconds there is a child waiting for someone to rescue them.

Destiny Rescue is a not-for-profit organisation that rescues children who have been sold into prostituion, going undercover into brothels and red light districts to find them.

The children, who are waiting and hoping for someone to be their hero, are given the chance to once again live a life of security, peace, empowerment and knowledge.

Destiny Rescue Australian Director Troy Beer explained since 2001 the organisation has been involved in rescuing and rehabilitating children overseas in countries such as Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, India and Mosambique.

Vocational training is an essential part of the program in order to ensure that children are not only rescued but also rehabilitated so they may be empowered to live a fulfilled life, Troy said.

The children are taught skills that they can use to benefit themselves and others, such as jewellery making, sewing and hairdressing.

Working in five countries Destiny Rescue cares for 1600 children, and has more than 30 safe homes.

This year Destiny Rescue is at Easterfest sharing their message.

One way they raise awareness is through their 26 second necklaces and clothing range.

“Our goal is that we will be a voice, for the kid’s who don’t have a voice,” Troy explained.

This year Unicef has estimated that 1.2million children will be sold into trafficking for the first time.

All of the money that Destiny Rescue collects through donations, merchandise sales or sponsorship goes directly to rescuing the girls and empowering them through education and training.

Destiny Rescuer volunteer Rob Lang was busy handing out the orange Destiny Rescue bandanas to Easterfest goers and explaining the importance of getting behind the organisation.

“I get emotional when I talk about what’s going on”, Lang said.

When hearing the stories and seeing the video footage of what is happening to children overseas it is difficult not to be affected and the reality slices you like a cold knife.

Looking around the festival it is evident that community spirit is high, as the sea of festival goers is awash with orange Destiny Rescue supporter bandanas, tied around arms and legs, or worn as bandanas and scarves.

Within a few seconds of putting on mine I was approached by several girls asking where they could get one.

The message was definitely being received.

Get involved with supporting children of human trafficking, by making a donation, sponsoring a child, or buying a product from the 26second range.

Jas xx

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