How to survive & thrive as a highly sensitive person

“Growing up I always felt my sensitive nature was a burden or character flaw. But in actual fact, being a highly sensitive person has brought so many incredible people and opportunities into my life.”
– Jas Rawlinson

Jas rawlinson brisbane writing coach

“You’re just too sensitive…toughen up.”

Throughout my life, I’ve heard this many times. And I’ll admit that until just recently, I had always thought of my sensitive nature as a bad thing.

As a result, I spent so much of my life wishing I could be tougher– just so I didn’t ‘feel’ so much…so that I could deal with rude managers or bullies without bursting into tears.

What made it even harder, was that I didn’t even know that being a ‘highly sensitive person’ (also known as an HSP) was a legitimate personality type.

Thankfully, in more recent years, I’ve come to understand that being an HSP is actually a gift in many ways.

For example, a few weeks ago I was asked to speak to Brisbane’s Carindale community about domestic violence…and it just so happened that it came the morning after the brutal murder of Hannah Clarke and her children.

I won’t lie. It was tough. My heart was hurting and I barely slept the night before.

Internally, all I wanted to do was cry. 

And yet, everyone in the audience later shared how much my sensitivity and empathy…my emotion…positively impacted on them.

That even a week later, they couldn’t stop thinking about my talk.

The truth is, being sensitive is a special thing because it allows us to empathise and connect so deeply.

Also, did you know that gentle-hearted and sensitive people are:

  • better able to understand ourselves and others far more deeply than many people can (or care to)
  • more likely to practice quality self-care due to our high levels of self-awareness
  • also more likely to be highly creative and deeply passionate about helping others and creating social change

Knowing what I know now, I feel like my life journey makes so much more sense! Especially my passion for shining a light on taboo topics like domestic violence, child abuse and mental illness.

Recently I was given an incredible opportunity to share my insights into surviving and thriving as a highly sensitive person with Phil La Duke from Authority Magazine. 

What an experience!

So many people have since shared with me how much they related to this article, so I thought I’d share it here. 


In this article, I share: 

  • My own experience with being a Highly Sensitive Person and how it impacts my work/everyday life
  • How to utilise the benefits of social media while looking after your emotional health
  • Myths about being a highly sensitive person
  • And also my top 5 tips on how to thrive as an HSP

Whether you’re an HSP yourself…or you know someone who is…this article is a must read for anyone looking to understand more deeply the challenges and gifts of this special personality type.

Read Here

Jas Rawlinson - Authority Magazine Feature

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