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Stories of triumph from Australians who refused to give into darkness

L-FRESH The LION reasons to live one more day, every day

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Every year in Australia, over 2500 people take their lives. Every day, eight Australians lose their battle with hope. With so many of our friends, family and colleagues succumbing to mental health disorders, how do we change the statistics? How do we give people hope where they feel there is none?

Jas Rawlinson (2)These were the stark questions that inspired Brisbane writer Jas Rawlinson to start her journey into the creation of ‘Reasons to Live One More Day, Every Day’; to seek out those who knew the dark and ugly face of depression, anxiety and trauma, and had found a way to overcome it. To share their stories in the hope of inspiring and encouraging everyday Australians that there is always hope; no matter how dark things appear.

Featuring mental health resources, along with memoirs from everyday Australian figures (both prominent and lesser known) who have battled everything from childhood cancer and PTSD, to debilitating disabilities, eating disorders, the death of a child, and more, every story is a reminder that suicide isn’t the solution—there is always new life to be found.

Raw, powerful, and at times heart wrenching, ‘Reasons to Live One More Day, Every Day,’ includes stories of triumph from 10 everyday Australians, including L-Fresh The Lion (Australian Hip Hop Artist), Lauren Watson (Paraplegic Aerial Performer), Sonia Anderson (Domestic Violence & Red Rose Advocate), and Michael Crossland (world renowned Inspirational Speaker and bestselling author). This book is a must read for anyone who is looking for hope, inspiration and honesty from those who have hit rock bottom, and found their way back out.

Reviews (1)

“Inspirational! Something I passed onto my 15yr old and intend to pass onto friends or family as a means to start the conversation of ‘it’s ok to not be ok, and we’re here to support you’! Just puts into perspective that we are all faced with demons in life’s journey and to be compassionate towards others in understanding their struggles and helping them reach the light again. Thank you. X”
Anna, NSW
“A must read for everyone- inspirational, thought provoking and beautifully readable. This book needs to be in every institution, in every library and in every household in Australia and beyond!”
Cathie, VIC
“Have just finished reading this great book. What struck me was the “everydayness” of it. These were ordinary people, telling in ordinary words, about what they have experienced, and the extraordinary things they have learned from it – coming out the other side. The thing I noticed most was the realisation that helping others and making a difference has an amazing power to help heal.”
Verina, NSW

Reasons To Live One More Day Jas Rawlinson

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