The low impact, high intensity workout so fun it doesn’t even feel like work. Pure Bounce is here to keep you in shape over the Festive season!

Originally published in Provoke

As Summer announces its presence with that typical Queensland humidity, lazy beach days are high on my priority; filled with colourful bikinis, salt on my skin and a cider in hand. Of course,  I also want to keep in shape during the festive season, so I began to wonder: what’s the best way to workout during the sweltering summer months?

For me personally, I’m quite choosy with what kind of exercise I do; I want a workout that is nourishing to my entire body – something that lengthens, tones, motivates and most importantly, is fun! I also tend to stay away from gym’s, as my body responds best to low impact exercise, so when I came across Pure Health’s Bounce classes, I had a good feeling I’d found the perfect workout combination!

What is a bounce class, you ask? Essentially, it’s a high intensity, low impact choreographed class – much like an aerobic workout – that’s performed on a rebounder trampoline. Providing 80% less shock absorption to your joints, it’s been found to be 68% more efficient than running (according to studies from NASA), making it the perfect solution for those with sensitive areas or old/prolonged injuries! In fact, the class was originally designed with this in mind, when Pure Health’s founder Marina found herself longing for a workout that wouldn’t put extra strain on her injured knee.

Deciding to bite the bullet, I headed along to Pure Health to try the workout myself. I must admit, I did have a lot of concerns as I walked into the class, mostly about how much impact it would have on my joints (which are quite sensitive)…and also about the high risk of me falling on my face. Oh yes, I was fully prepared to be the ‘unco duckling’ in the room, and I made sure to set my mini tramp at the very back of the room, away from expert bouncers, closest to the door. Taking a step onto the rebounder and looking down at the springs, all sort of visions filled my mind of catapulting off the trampoline and taking out a room full of fierce fitness queens.

But then something amazing happened…the music started, I found my rhythm (mostly) and before I knew it we were 30 minutes into the class!

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Pure Health1 - Photo by Jas Rawlinson

To read my interview with Bounce instructor Lauren Holloway, click here!

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