My favourite wheat/dairy free desserts!

”Is that gluten free?” has become one of the most common and also frequently disliked questions in food outlets, but what many fail to realise is that not everyone is modifying their diet for ‘hipster cred’ status. There are those who genuinely cannot eat wheat, dairy or refined sugar for fear of turning into a bloated, unhappy sad panda with a cranky stomach – or worse – and as a result, the search for the holy grail of vegan/paleo/GF treats has fervently continued.

But now sweet treat lovers can rejoice! Gone are the prehistoric times where those with food allergies had to steer clear of desserts; these days it is easier than ever to have your cake and eat it too.

But what happens when you crave a chocolate fix but can’t be bothered getting out of your pj’s to drive to the closest organic shop? Below are two of my favourite recipes that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home every day!

1. Express chocolate mousse (vegan, wheat/sugar free)


This is a super easy concoction which is made from just a few simple ingredients.


– 2 bananas (the softer the better)

– 1/2 an avocado

– A pinch of cinnamon

– 2 dessert spoons of raw cacao (I use the GOLD brand)

– 1 dessert spoon of Coconut Nectar (optional)


Put all the ingredients (excepting the cacao) into a blender and add just enough water to help with the blending. I usually whizz the cacao in last once it has started to plump inside the blender.

Remove and either eat immediately, or put in the freezer for 30 mins to set further.

2. Raw dark chocolate (vegan)



– 2 dessert spoons of unrefined coconut oil

– 2 dessert spoons of coconut flower nectar

– 1 dessert spoon of Tahini

– 2 dessert spoons of Cacao

– 1/2 a cup of cacao butter


Start by adding the coconut oil and cacao butter in a saucepan and stirring on low heat. You can make the cacao butter nice and refined by either grating it, or placing it in a bowl over a saucepan to slowly melt.Once these ingredients have melted into a nice, smooth liquid you can add the Tahini and coconut nectar; stirring all the ingredients to retain consistency. The cacao can be added last.

Once all ingredients have formed a beautiful, rich, thick chocolate, remove and place into moulds. Pop in the freezer for around 20-30 minutes and bazinga! There you have your own healthy, delicious chocolate! Tahini can be quite strong, so you can play with the amount of coconut nectar used depending on how ”nutty” you like your chocolate.

Tip : Sometimes I leave the Tahini out and replace it with pomegranate pieces, which adds a surprising twist to the flavour.


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