RedFoo Blames ”Crazy Women” for sexist song & threatens to sue

What a crazy couple of days!

The media furor surrounding RedFoo’s recent release “Literally I Can’t” has been so intense that it’s hard to believe that is hasn’t even been a week since the petition was launched (currently sitting at over 20K signatures!). We’ve had an incredible response to our petition, and I have even been interviewed by .

Unsurprisingly RedFoo has been upset by the media’s criticism, and yet has still failed to respond in a thoughtful way. The apology issued on his facebook completely failed to even mention the song, or the way it depicted women; instead rambling on about being an artist who wants to ‘‘unite all of us through laughter, dance & celebration.”

redfoo apology

Even worse, is the way in which Foo has turned this into a sob story about being ”victimised” as an artist (hate speech is NOT art RedFoo) and has even stooped so low as to threaten to sue a small Melbourne blog-writer. Yes, a human being that makes millions of dollars – more money than most of us – was so threatened by an article written by “The Dwarf”, that he arranged his fat-cat Lawyers to send legal threats.

Yes, man-baby of the year award certainly goes to you RedFoo.

On Friday I was informed by a friend that RedFoo had been directly referencing me on ‘Sexist Pig FM’ – otherwise known as the Kyle and Jackie O Show. I didn’t bother watching the video on their site, because the majority of the public know Kyle Sandilands is one of the most sexist and unprofessional people in the radio industry. If you want someone to validate that your wrongful actions are actually ”A-OK”, Sandilands is the one you go to.

From various news reports I read that RedFoo was googling me (what a party story that is!) and somehow came to a deluded conclusion that I had singled him out for my own agenda. I’m guessing he read a recent blog of mine on the use of the word slut (unrelated to him or his song in any way) and decided that I was targeting him because I was bored and needed someone to ‘feminazi’.

Oh RedFoo, please. Just shhh.

He also tried to make out that the only reason people have a problem with the song, is because media were reporting that he used the word ”slut.” Firstly, when the song was released no lyrics were available online. From listening to the line : ‘You got a big ol’ butt, I can tell by the way you’re walkin’/ But you annoying (???), cause you’re talkin”, many listeners including myself, thought it was clearly implied that the rhyming couplet for ”butt” was “slut”.

When RedFoo said that the lyric in question was not ”slut”, we questioned him what the ”correct” word was. We were happy to immediately amend this if it truly was a mistake, yet he refused to clarify this to any of the media.

At this point, I have no problem saying that I am sorry for your ”offence” RedFoo, that I mistakenly thought the word was ”slut”. However, the fact that you are ranting about this being the reason I am petitioning for you to be sacked from X Factor, is extremely short-sighted.

Let’s not forget the rest of the song (these are the only lyrics I’ve found on the entire web)….

“Bounce on the pogo/Jump on the jack hammer/Get low, low, low/While I Instagram ya…”
“Work it and twerk it/and maybe I’ll tweet about it”
“I said jump on the poll/I didn’t mean your opinion”

“I’m tryna see what you got/Not tryna hear what you think”

“You’re booty in my hand is my new motto”

“Put your lips on my bottle/Let me see you take it to the head”

“Girl I know that you can/I don’t wanna hear no…”

Sadly Foo, you have only made yourself look worse in all of this.You have such a positive energy around you, and can be such a likable character, yet instead of influencing your young fans (who you brag to be as young as 3 years old) with empowering messages, you and your buddies have created a song that mocks the harassment that many women experience EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THEIR LIVES.


As my partner mentioned :

“If RedFoo was at a party, and a group of hulking men surrounded him yelling ”shot of vodka? After-party?Some boy-on-boy? No? HEY! I DON’T WANT TO HEAR WHAT YOU THINK BOY – GET ON THE FLOOR! SHUT THE FUCK UP!” while pushing him onto the ground, and filming so they could later fantasise about his booty, I think RedFoo would feel pretty uncomfortable.”

He just doesn’t get it.

Another thing he doesn’t get, is that it’s not exclusively ”crazy women” and ”feminists” who are going nuts over this issue. There have been hundreds of tweets and facebook/web comments from furious men – but this doesn’t get a mention. During his rant with sexist pig Sandilands, RedFoo claimed that it was me, and all of the women, who had victimised him and overreacted.

So not only are you insulting women RedFoo, but you are also insulting men if you assume that no male would have a problem with a song that includes lyrics such as ”shut the fuck up”, and “I don’t want to hear no.”

redfoo male comment redfoo male comment 8 redfoo male comment 7 redfoo male comment 6 redfoo male comment 5 redfoo male comment 4 redfoo male comment 3 redfoo male comment 2

This also goes for your buddies Play-N-Skillz, Lil Jon and Enertia McFly, who may have escaped a lot of attention in Australia due to not being employed in our country, but are equally complicit in this mess. We deserve an apology from you all.

Signed from every man and woman who refuse to shut up in the face of rape culture.

Note : Please also be sure to sign this petition calling on Youtube to remove the clip from their site

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