You literally can’t rehire Red Foo #literallyicant


RedFoo has just released his new collaboration with Lil Jon, Play-N-Skillz and Enertia McFly ‘; named ‘’Literally, I Can’t.” In the video, a group of sorority girls are harassed and verbally assaulted, simply because they don’t want to drink or engage in certain activities such as ”girl on girl”. The young women are depicted as killjoys and labelled ”bitches” and ”sluts” for refusing to conform to the wishes of the male party goers.

When the women repeatedly make clear that they don’t want to have sex or drink, they are surrounded by a group of rowdy men who shout in their faces:  ‘Shut the fk up”. One woman is pushed unwillingly onto the ground while RedFoo films for the porn site ”Redtube”. Other misogynistic lyrics included in the song include :

“You’re annoying b**** because you’re talking”

“Shhh, don’t talk about it be about it. Work it, twerk it and maybe I’ll tweet about it”

“Girl I’m sipping on this drink, trying to see what you got, not hear what you think.”

Issues within the music video/song include:

That men are encouraged to see women only as a form of sexual entertainment

That when a woman says “no’’, she is to be ridiculed and harassed

That the video encourages a culture in which campus/college assault is acceptable

That women’s right to refuse to participate is ‘annoying’

That with the right amount of pressure a woman will always give in

RedFoo is a judge on Australia’s talent show, X Factor, a position which requires him to mentor contestants – often, young women. His offensive and misogynistic portrayal of women in his video clips and performances, disqualifies him from such a role.

Furthermore, he has spoken out about his problematic childhood in which he experienced bullying and domestic abuse. In a highly promoted interview, Foo emotionally shared how he would step in to protect his mother from her abusive partner.

 ‘I was there to protect my mother, I remember in a fight he was shaking her, harming her… I realised that [my mother] is the most special lady in my life … That was the day I became a man”, he stated. 

Foo however, has no problem bullying, harming and harassing women – as is seen in Literally I Can’t – and this is not the first time. The same week the interview aired, Foo performed his then-current hit New Thang, where he lined his female dancers up before spanking their asses and reducing them to objects for his pleasure: 

You can be my new thang…
What’s that? It’s a GoPro
So I can watch that back, HD, slo-mo

Clap clap, make it clap!

In the US, the Department of Justice estimate that 1 in 5 female students will be the victim of a sexual assault. Literally I Can’t makes fun and perpetuates this.

Just recently, headlines were made when Columbian students protested against the failure of universities to prosecute rapists. Women such as Emma Sulkowicz, who began the campaign, began carrying their mattresses around campus ; an act of support to all of the women abused while attending university.

How can the National Plan of Action to address violence against women succeed if we allow celebrities like RedFoo to be employed in positions of power?

RedFoo must literally not be rehired.

Sign the petition calling on Channel 7 and Fremantle Entertainment to stand down Foo!

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