Flower Crowns and Sweet Designs

The latest look…enjoy an entire forest on your head.

Flower crowns are one of the biggest trends of late, and a particular favourite for brides opting for something less traditional. When I got engaged, I knew I wanted something unique and colourful, but found it difficult to find a crown that didn’t a) make me look like I was wearing an entire garden on my head, and b) wasn’t ridiculously expensive and made from fake flowers.

I started trawling the internet, looking for ideas on flower hair styles -whilst simultaneously developing an intense Pinterest addiction(fellow brides, don’t act like you haven’t been there hehe) when I came across an Etsy store named Velvet Tea Cup. Based a few hours from Brisbane, designer Coralie Milne creates and sells gorgeous hair accessories using a range of beautiful dried flowers from Western Australia, and a collection of tulle, rhinestones, beading and antique fabrics. I sent Coralie an email, asking if she would be able to custom design me a small flower comb to compliment my native flower bouquet.

 I didn’t have much of a vision to begin with, but Coralie was fantastic from the start; suggesting different flowers we could use and offering to create a few different prototypes for me to look at.

ASC_7193 (1)

From there we began discussing what elements I did/didn’t like in the combs, and Coralie would then create a revised version. At no point did Coralie ever make me feel pressured into purchasing any of the prototypes, and was adamant that we work together until I was 100% in love with the design. I can see now why their website states ‘man-made with love!’ Coralie puts her heart into every design.

Over 3 months, Coralie and I conversed – sometimes several times a week – going back and forth with ideas. Each time I saw a new comb, I was blown away by her creativity and knack for putting together my ideas. I couldn’t believe how she took these flowers and brought them to life in these incredible designs!

ASC_7216 D5C_0008 (1)D5C_0005 (1)D5C_0003 (1)

At no point was anything too difficult. When I hesitantly asked if she could trim some of the flowers back (I felt bad as she had already done so much work on the comb) there was no drama at all, and when I asked for measurements Coralie went a step further by getting her local hairdresser to fit the comb into a mannequin – whose hair they even styled the same as mine.

To see the comb finally finished was an amazing moment; months of creative vision and brainstorming finally complete. Suffice to say, I was an anxious wreck waiting for it to arrive safely – especially as Australia Post had just LOST MY WEDDING SHOES in the post…3 WEEKS BEFORE MY WEDDING! (still waiting on those shoes to arrive AP haha).

Below is my original idea (top) and Coralie’s final design (bottom)

My Original Design sent to Coralie
D5C_0001 (2)
Design by Coralie Milne
Photography By Milly Jane Photography
Photography By Milly Jane Photography

The comb looked incredible and worked so well with my styling on the day. I was even amazed to see that Coralie had used a gorgeous dried yellow rose for the centrepiece. This was surprising for several reasons…firstly, because I had originally been so set on using only native flowers (as I’m not a fan of roses), and secondly, yellow roses are the only type I’ve ever liked! It was a special touch.

Coralie Milne runs Velvet Tea Cup from her Etsy Store and is available for pre-made and custom-design flower accessories. Make sure your check out her designs here. They’re perfect for photo shoots, weddings, or any time you want to feel sweet and stylish!

Written by Jas Swilks

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