Last night I had  a nightmare.

It was one of those dreams where you wake up with a sickness in your stomach, your breaths ragged and shuddering, as you cry for the unreal.

It was only a dream, but in reality, the scene that unfolded in my subconscious is one that happens every minute.

This is not the first time I have dreamt of the women and young girls trapped in the sex trade. Their cries are real to me. I feel the hopelessness of their entrapment, their abuse, their pain, and I cry because in the dream, and in real life, I cannot save them all.

eden-movie-trailer-2013-300x225But this does not mean that I am powerless to do anything; to do SOMETHING.

By now I expect that everyone in my circle of friends know what is happening around the world to children and young women. I shouldn’t have to repeat the sordid details – I hope that I’ve created enough awareness by now. I hope that people have been listening.

It’s time to start CHANGING the horrific details, into miracles and healing. EACH of us can do ONE THING.

I’m not asking you to give up your job to be a volunteer. I’m not asking you to pay thousands to move overseas and work with these children. I don’t expect that everyone can afford to sponsor a child weekly (although $1 1per week really isn’t that much), but I DO expect you to do something. Can you really not afford to donate $1 to an anti-trafficking organisation? If everyone gave $1, imagine what a giant kick to the nuts that would be in the trafficking industry!

As a friend of mine wrote:

“Last night I bought some food to give to a blind lady begging near where I was staying. As I gave it to her, a well dressed lady walking past said 3 words which I believe sums up the attitude of the majority of human beings. 3 words which summarise why we have hunger, slavery and oppression in the world. She said “What about me?”

“…our “what about me” attitude means we justify not giving money to those with an actual hard life. I can’t afford it, I have my own problems, charity starts and ends at home. What about me? If you’re reading this on your own computer or smart phone but do not give to the third world regularly because you think you can’t afford it, this is for you.”

It frustrates me that in today’s society, many CHOOSE not to help those who need it most.

Just last month Australian Immigration Minister Scott Morrison, granted Snoop Dogg a performance visa despite his history of trafficking women for sex (something he has publicly admitted to) whilst threatening to ban him in the future because of his cannabis use.

Has the sale of women and children really become so meaningless?

I am tired of seeing animal activists like PETA crying ‘respect for animals!’ whilst using naked women to sell their message.

I am tired of people who treat an animals’ comfort as more important than that of a human being. Yes, I love animals and expect them to be treated with respect also, but when people  begin slandering humans for their selfishness in ‘taking milk away from the poor baby calves’ while ignoring the children being raped daily in brothels, who often go without food OR water, it is clear that their priorities are out of whack.

If this post makes you ‘feel bad’, perhaps you need to ask yourself why you have those feelings, and what you can do to change them.

Choose to do ONE thing this month to raise awareness of human trafficking. Below is a list of things you can do, which include suggestions from myself and Destiny Rescue. Pick one and go nuts 🙂

-Read an autobiography from a survivor

-Have a movie/discussion night with friends on the issue of slavery

-donate a dollar to an organisation

-start a conversation with someone about the issue

-volunteer with an organisation

-ask you workplace to have a ‘casual friday’ initiative to raise money

-learn to recognize human trafficking red flags

-write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper about raising awareness of human trafficking within the community

-report anything suspicious


At the end of the day – do something. You have the power to make a difference.

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