Being a Dangerous Woman

What does it mean to be a dangerous woman in society?

City Women volunteer Dannah Shelling believes being a dangerous woman means becoming someone who is up for challenges and willing to take them.

“It’s someone who is not going to let fear, or fear of what people are going to think or say stand in their way,” she explains.

“Stepping out of your comfort zone.”

This year at Easterfest, City Women are once again running their Bella Dangerzone tent which offers young women a place to catch up with friends, watch musicians and be encouraged by female speakers.The Bella Dangerzone is designed to be a hang out area with bean bags and chairs spread around in a loungeroom design where girls can relax.

The tent also sells City Women’s ‘Bella’ magazines, which are a great tool for young women, covering popular teenage topics and interests.

The purpose of the Bella magazine is to be “something positive that’s going to build them up” rather than tear them down said Dannah.

She explained that the magazine, along with the Dangerzone tent and their City Women youth group events -held once a month- aimed to teach women and young girls about their inner ‘Bella’.

“Every woman can be beautiful…it’s not about how you look: it’s inner character,” she explained.

“Our main purpose is mobilizing women.”

This is Bella’s second year at Easterfest and Dannah said for those interested there are many other events they can take part in such as their City Women youth group held once per month.

“We had our grannies green undies night where all these grannies came in,” laughed Dannah.

“It was about teaching how wisdom comes with age.”

Dannah said working with City Women and Bella had opened her eyes to the need for women to be supported.

“There’s a lot of lack of self achievement, or self development.”

“I want to be able to encourage girls to be all that they can be through everything that they can do,” she said.

In 2012 Bella will run a gap year programme coordinated by Dannah that aims to empower women through self development in order to achieve their goals.

To get involved with other young women you can log on to

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