Despite the best efforts of event promoters to excite us with the ‘bring a friend for free’ offer, numbers were well down on last years crowds at Good Vibes (Gold Coast). After the cancellation of both Cee Lo Green and the amazing miss Janelle Monae (who I had been psyching myself day and night to see!) I think it had to be expected. With all of the main headlining acts appearing towards the evening/night, I decided that the early afternoon would be the perfect time to swing by the bar for an ice cold beer and a nice wander around the grounds. I’ve included below some of my highlights from the festival.ALOE BLACC:  Damn! What a discovery it was coming across this guy… In the 30+degree heat, sweat was flying everywhere as jazz, soul, RnB and hip hop filled the air. Combined with Blacc’s positively infectious smiles and energetic dancing, the set created some seriously good vibes. It was music that defined good times, oozed positive energy and made even the most uncoordinated of us forget just how bad our dancing was!

Blacc really got the party started when he split the audience in half, creating a dance channel in which the audience could take turns busting moves. The highlight of the set had to be Maya Jupiter’s surprise entrance, as she exploded onstage, rapping along with the sax, drums and keyboard of Blacc’s band.

Aside from all of this, it should be noted that I have a thing for musical guys in sexy hats…so I was pretty much in love with him from the moment he stepped onstage in that sunset orange shirt, grey vest and black hat!

BAG RAIDERS: For me, there was an incredible sense that this was the moment the festival really began. As the sun disappeared behind the trees and the air slowly cooled, we all felt a sense of excitement building as the Bag Raiders began their set. Suddenly, the distinct high pitched electronic melodies of ‘Shooting Star’ pierced through the darkening field. Soon, hundreds of people were going nuts in an explosion of euphoria, clapping hands, strobing flashes and chilled vocals.

MIIKE SNOW: Like an animal trapped in a lightning storm! Miike Snow’s carefully crafted dance songs combine emotive piano chords with heavy beats and electronic melodies, culminating in an assault to audience emotion.

Some songs such as ‘Animal’ see us all skipping around like we should be in MGMT’s ‘Electric Feel’ party, lost in the music, whilst others have us staring in awe at the visual scene before us. What I found was that the smooth, strung out vocals of Miike Snow are deceptive of just how incredibly rocking these guys actually are! Caught up in a cyclone of sounds, the piano, guitar and drums cry out as their strings, keys and sticks are beat mercilessly. And then, in between the violent, staccato of the flashing lights came glimpses of antlers, and the silhouettes of three men thrashing their instruments. This was a show not to be missed!

FAITHLESS: As to be expected, Faithless proved to be the crowd pleaser of the night. The techno beats and soothing monotones were unmistakable, drifting across the sea of people before them. For a band I wasn’t keen on seeing, I have to admit I was incredibly surprised. Listening to their music in the flesh I can see that they are not just simply a straight forward techno/dj act as I had first thought, but rather, one that encompasses all aspects of a hard rocking band.

When I think of how disappointing some of the other headliner acts were (cough! Phoenix! Cough!) I have to say that Faithless definitely delivered when it came to performances. Through the screams I hear the distinct vocals of ‘Maxi Jazz’…and to my surprise a skeletal black man straps on a guitar and begins to rock out with the band!

And now, just quickly, for the disappointments.

Let me just say, Yolanda Be Cool… were anything BUT! Although Nadia and I did get a good workout by using all the free space in the tent to have a jumping/dance competition 😛

Over and out!


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