My experience with almost being ‘taken’ at age 19

human trafficking story jas rawlinson

This week, I shared a story that I’d not really spoken of before – the time that I was grabbed by two people, while walking alone on a main street at night.

I was 19, and at the time, had no idea about things like human trafficking, or how exploiters work. I also didn’t know that women could be the ones to target and try to kidnap another young woman.

In my situation, I was targeted by a young European man, and a much older woman, and as I explain in the video, the synchronised way in which they worked was scary (to say the least) – particularly for someone like myself: a 45kg, 5’2 woman walking on her own, confused and trying to find a way home.

You can listen to my full story below (including how I escaped by running into a kebab shop!).

WATCH VIDEO via Thoughts From Jas Facebook page

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